The average person is overwhelmed with too many new things to learn and do for their company. QIC Learning courses provide practical and useful knowledge along with answers to your specific questions.

Short Courses

Our courses are short, typically 2 to 4 hours. They contain practical and useful information. After a student attends one of our classes, they should be able to leave with a list of key next steps they should take to make progress in their job or business.

Certified Instructors

QIC Learning instructors are certified experts in their field and each instructor has recent experience in their industry. The QIC Learning certification process involves reviews from other QIC Learning certified instructors.

Hands-on exercises

Our courses include exercises that help students to get real experience with their course topic. The exercises are designed with realistic projects that represent real challenges or opportunities in their topic area.

Answering Questions

Each of our courses includes question and answer time where you can get answers to specific questions. Helping students get answers to their specific information needs is one of the most important reasons for students to attend our courses.